Project Scope

Carriage House Coaching, a personal self-coaching service, sought to establish a robust online presence through a comprehensive website. The primary objective was to create a platform that provided clients with valuable coaching resources, facilitated easy booking of coaching sessions, allowed membership enrollment with payment options, seamlessly linked to their YouTube channel for additional content, and offered ongoing website support and administration.

Scope of Work

  1. Design Conceptualization: Working closely with Carriage House Coaching, we understood their coaching philosophy and target audience. We designed a website that embodied their approach and created a welcoming online environment.
  2. Responsive Design: The website was designed to be responsive, ensuring an optimal viewing and interaction experience across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  3. Members-Only Section: We developed a secure members-only area that provided exclusive coaching materials, resources, and tools tailored to clients’ personal development journey.
  4. Booking System: A user-friendly booking system was integrated, enabling clients to easily schedule coaching sessions at their convenience.
  5. Membership Payment Capability: The website allowed clients to enroll in membership plans with various benefits, offering secure payment options for seamless membership subscription.
  6. YouTube Integration: A direct link to Carriage House Coaching’s YouTube channel was incorporated, allowing visitors to access additional coaching content and insights.
  7. Ongoing Support: Beyond the initial design, we offered continued website support and administration to ensure the site’s optimal performance, updates, and security.
  8. Clear Information Presentation: The website effectively communicated Carriage House Coaching’s values, services, and approach, enhancing user engagement.
  9. Contact and Support: An accessible contact page facilitated inquiries, while additional support resources were provided to guide clients through their coaching journey.


The revamped Carriage House Coaching website provides clients with an encompassing platform, featuring a secure members-only section, easy booking system, flexible membership enrollment, direct YouTube integration, and ongoing website support. With responsive design, intuitive navigation, and a seamless user experience, the website has significantly amplified the accessibility and impact of Carriage House Coaching’s self-coaching services.


This collaboration showcases the potential of a small business web design team to create tailored digital solutions that empower clients in their personal growth journey, backed by ongoing support and administration to ensure a lasting positive impact.

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