Project Scope

Following the successful website design for Platinum Salon ROC, the owners approached us to design a new website for their sister venture, Platinum Salon Suites. The aim was to create a sophisticated online platform that showcased suite rentals while emphasizing the various amenities available to renters. The project included developing an interactive map that allows prospective guests to visualize suite availability, access room information, and connect with the owners.

Scope of Work

  1. Design Continuity: Building upon the successful design elements of Platinum Salon’s website, we ensured design continuity to maintain the brand’s visual identity and elegance.
  2. Responsive Design: Like the previous project, the website was designed to be responsive, guaranteeing seamless viewing across devices.
  3. Interactive Suite Map: We developed a dynamic map feature where potential renters can explore suite availability, view room details, and directly contact the owners for inquiries.
  4. Amenities Showcase: A dedicated section highlighted the range of amenities offered, such as beauty stations, spa facilities, and exclusive perks.
  5. Room Information: Each suite was detailed with essential information, images, and features, enhancing transparency for prospective renters.
  6. Ongoing Support: As with previous projects, we provided continuous support and administration to ensure the website’s optimal performance and relevance.
  7. Clear Contact Options: Easily accessible contact details allowed interested parties to reach out for further information or inquiries.


The Platinum Salon Suites website represents a sophisticated platform for suite rentals in Rochester, NY. With an interactive suite map, amenities showcase, and transparent suite information, the website offers an immersive experience for potential renters. Ongoing support ensures that the website remains an effective tool for connecting prospective guests with available suites and amenities.


This collaboration underscores how a small business web design team can extend their expertise to create tailored digital solutions that cater to specific business needs, promoting accessibility, transparency, and a seamless user experience for both Platinum Salon Suites and their potential guests.

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